Outdoor advertisement and printing

G Design Group is known for innovation and high quality in the development of Out-of-Home media properties. Such properties include traditional billboards, poster panels and wallscapes located in Yerevan.

With 7 years of experience, the client can be sure that each order is handled with professionalism and care. Giving our clients 120% is in our DNA.
With an energetic team of professionals with backgrounds in Sales, Real Estate, Creative Design and Media planning G Design Group has all the necessary elements to ensure the best quality.
We work with all the outdoor advertising companies located in Yerevan from media-buying services to advertising agencies and clients direct, which makes us flexible and provide all the required advertisement services which include:


  • billboard advertising
  •  point of sale displays
  • LED screen
  • street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booths etc)
  • transit advertising (taxis, buses, subways, trains etc)
  • mobile billboards
  • guerrilla advertising
  • lazer cutting
  • 3D printing
  • 3D / dimensional letters & logos


We offer the best conditions of Outdoor Advertisement materials’ creating and installation. Our experienced team will provide your organization with ideas, sales and stunning results.



With our help your brand will reach the great heights.


In case of any questions, feel free to contact us: info(at)gdesigngroup.net



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